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Home Improvement Hacks to Boost Your Living Conditions

Posted on 01 June 2018 by admin (0)

A home can suddenly become stale and unattractive when the years go by. Home improvement turnarounds can restore that magic and reinvigorate your energy and productivity levels. Sometimes all you need is a little effort. Here are some home improvement guidelines viewed from the perspective of different characters that you might find handy:

Minimalist Mummy: It can be a good idea, when you start bearing children, to remove some furniture from the living room. Depending on your where you live this can free up much needed toddler-touring space. It also reduces the risk of your babies tumbling down from furniture or tampering with delicate but dangerous stands which can come down hard on them.

Demo-Happy Daddy: You can demonstrate your proud Daddy skills by sprinkling some Talcum powder in between squeaky floor boards to promote that serenity and calm that the family very often needs to rejuvenate.

Skill-set Silvia: Imagine what surprise you’d spring on the brood when you suddenly and sagely announce that you have a solution to the scuff marks someone has left on the leather chairs. Yes. You’ll soon have bowed heads before you as you apply the humble pencil cap eraser to the sore spots. Maybe you’ll even get a friendly loan for that car you’re planning to buy for College. Just maybe.

Little Richard’s Rocking Horse: While you may get the idea that your little knight should be riding out of the woods and into the living room to save the family from that dreaded dragon, if you have wood floor that could canter up a cost from the Sheriff. In this case it is best to spare the wood floor finish by strapping some adhesive tape to the ends of the rocking horse. Giddy up.

Able Aunty Ann: So, good old Aunty Ann has come to visit and has noticed how the cat has scratched the edges of that Grandfather clock that you left on the floor for repairs. Being quite the fixer she has gone to fetch a walnut which she’ll rub on the affected areas, allowing the nut’s natural oils to permeate the device’s surface. After that she’ll do a quick polish and ask if anyone wants to have some tea. A Sensei, that Aunty Ann.

Cool Cousin Colbert: You grew up thinking that Cousin Colbert was the coolest member of your extended family. Well, that was until he passed the night, passed out, at your house and threw up some of the liquor he’d been imbibing at the local bar. Ahem. This is your chance to redeem the Cuz. Ask for some Vodka and some lime if that’s handy, sprinkle some of it on the mattress after a good clean up to infuse it with that freshness that you’ve always associated the cousin with. Good morning, Colbert.

Bonus from your Bestie: You were scratching your head wondering what to do to the implements in your toolbox when the best friend came by. ‘They’re getting tainted with moisture’ you moan. ‘Ah, that’s alright. Let’s just throw in a few chalks in the box to absorb the moisture and go for a walk along the pier.’ best friend says. Yes, it’s true. You chose a good friend who might even help you improve other aspects of our life. Way to go.