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How to improve your home heating system

Posted on 07 March 2018 by admin (0)

You don’t need to wait till it gets all frozen up. You can begin preparation towards installing a heating system in your home. It is high time you adjusted the thermostat. Giving your heating system attention now means with these few steps I would be sharing with you means you are saving for yourself money that would have been spent on hiring an HVAC tech in a costly weekend service visit on one or more of the coldest nights of the year. Even if you are one of those who give due diligence to changing the filter in the furnace, there is still more you can do to improve your heating system. This way you make it more efficient and save yourself some money.
Below are helpful tips on how to make your home heating system more efficient.
1. Hire a Professional Service for Your Heating System.
It is worth the few dollars spent on periodic servicing of your heating system. It is important that if your heating system is not the modern type but the one that is probably installed in the garage or a closet, you get it serviced by a professional. This would keep it at a tip-top and optimum performance

2. Get Your Radiators “Bleed” And Filters Changed.
Most homes heating systems operates with a forced-air system or radiators. With hot-water radiators, you have to “bleed” them so as to let air out at the start of the heating period. You can bleed your radiator by starting the boiler ensuring the circulator pump is working. Then open the valve on each radiator while using a container to collect the water. If it is water and not air coming out, close the valve. But if you can hear air coming out and it stops but no water comes out, close the valve and then move on to another one. Come back once the system has heated up more.
According to a recommendation by Forbes, one way to improve the performance of your of your forced-air heating system by ensuring your furnace filter does not get clogged and it is changed often.

3. Opt For A Smart Heating System
By getting your thermostat programmed, you make your heating system more efficient. A programmable thermostat is quite easy to install and you would not want to deny yourself the use of one. You can remotely operate your system through a smartphone or a computer, so you can programme the heat to come up when it is actually needed. That way you avoid wasting money heating an empty house.

4. Make your fan help your heating system
You can effectively ensure that heat is distributed around the room by changing the fan’s direction. All you just have to do is to locate the switch on the fan’s body that reverses the fan’s direction and turn it to make the fan blow air upward. This would cause air trapped at the ceiling hot and the hot air would find its way down the room along the walls. The hot air produced makes the room warmer.